Corporate Events

Please read this Terms & conditions carefully before hiring or using our party character services. This disclaimer constitutes a legally binding agreement between you (referred to as “the Client” or “you”) and [Company Name] (referred to as “the Company” or “we”).

  1. Assumption of Responsibility: By hiring or using our party character services, you acknowledge and agree that the Company assumes no responsibility or liability for any injury, harm, damage, or loss that may occur during the event or as a result of the actions or behavior of the party character, performer, or any related personnel. The Company shall not be held liable for any accidents, allergies, or injuries incurred by any individuals attending or participating in the event.

  2. Character Representation: We strive to book professional party character services and to accurately represent the characters we portray. However, please note that our party characters are inspired by fictional characters from popular culture, literature, or mythology and are not affiliated with any licensed or copyrighted characters. We do not claim to be associated with or endorsed by any copyright holders or trademark owners. Our characters are offered under the doctrine of fair use.

  3. Child Supervision: The Client acknowledges and agrees that it is their responsibility to supervise  their children and d ensure the safety of all children and individuals present during the event. The company shall not be held liable for any incidents or accidents that occur due to inadequate supervision. Sometimes kids get curious and get rough with our entertainers so we need a parent present if there are any incidents during the event. An entertainer have a right to leave the event and protect themselves.

  4. Deposit: To reserve your character(s) we require a 50% deposit to be paid within 48 hours of sending your invoice. All our talents are sub contractors so we book in their time, this will secure their time. We essentially hold their time for a week. The remaining balance is due anytime up to 48 hours before your event.

  5. Final Balance – Due a week prior to the event and will be processed in the same manner as your deposit. You may pay from the original link sent or request another be sent to you or transfer it into account, please quote your name. If we don’t receive final balance, this will be taken further with a 3rd party.

  6. Event Conditions: The Company reserves the right to decline or discontinue services if, in our sole discretion, we deem the event conditions to be unsafe, inappropriate, or in violation of our policies. In such cases, a refund or alternative arrangements may be offered, subject to our discretion.

  7. Cancellations & Refunds: 
    Please understand, as a local small business, we have limited entertainers and your performer has committed to your little ones special day and time-slot. We are fully booked most weekends, so we’ve refused other bookings to stay committed to yours. Thank you for your understanding that as a professional and honest small business we must adhere to the below cancellation policies.

    • If you need to cancel your event we charge a $100 cancellation fee. This is to cover any performer cancellation fees and administration costs.

    • Any events cancelled within 48 hours of the event will not be eligible for any refund. By this stage a lot of work has gone into your event and we still have to pay our performers so we will not be able to offer you any compensation.

    • If you need to reschedule your event we will try our best to accommodate you and find a solution but this will be dependent on the performers availability. Refrain from rescheduling after a deposit has been made, although contact us if you need to reschedule it. Most of our entertainers are sub contractors so we need to asses if we can schedule it.

    • If we are unable to reschedule your event date and you wish to cancel entirely our standard cancellation policy will apply, we will refund less the $100.

  8. Indemnification: The Client agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the Company, its employees, agents, and representatives from and against any claims, liabilities, damages, losses, costs, or expenses arising out of or in connection with the event or the use of our party character services.

  9. Character Arrivals and Start Time: Our character will arrive right at the time or 10 minutes prior the event is booked to perform. We try not to arrive early so that all guests will be at the event before the character makes their appearance, its because we need to keep the magic with kids. They usually see the entertainers outside and they get distracted and it ruins the magic to impersonate it. If for some reason, you do not see the character at the event start time, feel free to give us a call. We take pride in arriving right on time! If, for some unforeseeable reason our character is late due to circumstances beyond their control, the character will stay the extended time to compensate their tardiness. We usually  allow to keep variance of 15 minutes of the start time, just in case of outside influence. So please don’t panic, this is the nature of events. Our entertainers have events routed all over Victoria through out the day. Being on time is what we value, so raise this with us if this is  a concern.  Admin is offline on the weekends, so the characters will be liaising this directly with you. Please have your phone handy!

  10. Package Selection: Detailed information about our party packages can be found on our website. If you have any inquiries regarding the activities included in a package, please contact us for clarification. Customized Activities: If you have specific activities or games that you would like or would not like the character to participate in, please provide us with ample notice. We are committed to working with your vision and accommodating your preferences to the best of our ability. Age-Appropriate Characters: We understand that some younger children may find our larger characters intimidating. If you are uncertain about which characters are most suitable for certain age groups, please feel free to reach out to us. We will gladly provide guidance and recommendations to ensure a positive experience for all attendees. Child Comfort and Adult Supervision: While our performers have experience in comforting nervous children, it is crucial that appropriate adult supervision is provided during the event. We cannot be held responsible for any incidents or discomfort that may arise due to inadequate supervision. Viral Dances and Popular Culture: Please note that some of our characters incorporate viral dances, such as those seen on TikTok or popular memes, as part of their show. This is intended to enhance the entertainment value and engagement with attendee.

  11. Breaks for Characters: Some of our characters have costumes that cover their faces and may experience difficulty in breathing. To ensure their well-being, it is necessary to provide them with periodic breaks. For bookings that extend beyond one hour, we kindly request a short break to allow the performers to rest, hydrate, and recover from heat and exhaustion. These breaks typically last up to 10 minutes and include a quick water and air break. While some costumes allow performers to continue without interruption, there are certain costumes that restrict breathing, requiring necessary breaks.

  12. Weather Considerations for Outdoor Parties: For outdoor parties, Xlent Events closely monitors extreme weather conditions, such as excessive heat or cold. The safety of our performers is of utmost importance, and we are committed to working with you to make alternative arrangements if necessary. Melbourne’s weather can be unpredictable, so it is advisable to have a backup plan in case weather conditions become unfavorable.

  13. No Changes After Deposit: Please be aware that once a deposit has been made, any changes to the agreed-upon date and time may not be possible. We work with subcontractors and external companies, and our performers may have other events scheduled after yours. Once the timing has been confirmed with the performers, we cannot guarantee that changes can be accommodated. You have the flexibility to make changes to your booking before submitting the deposit, but once the deposit is made, the schedule becomes firm.

  14. Booking Process: Once a form is filled, we need to check with our entertainers and hold their time. We then require a booking deposit within the week to confirm the entertainers time. Once its confirmed we will send you finalisation payment and pre-event reminder.

By hiring or using our party character services, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to all the terms and conditions stated in this disclaimer. If you do not agree with any part of this disclaimer, you should not hire or use our party character services.