Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about our mascot and character hire services. Learn about booking procedures, pricing, costume options, and more. We’re here to ensure your event is seamless and unforgettable. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact us anytime!

Does Your Mascot Speak And Dance?

Our mascots speak and also dance, lots of fantastic movements in the costume. They also do a bit of theatrics in the costume. Costumes and Mascot workers are high

Do You Do Face Painting?

No we don't. We a purely for entertainment, shows, dancing, action and movement based activities.

Do You Do Balloon Twisting?

No we don't. We a purely for entertainment, shows, dancing, action and movement based activities.

What Games Do You Do?

It will be the following list and themed to the character.
Red Light Green Light​

Tug of war

Freeze Dance

Character says copy my...
Musical Statues


Floor is lava

Training with Superheros/Transformers

Etiquette or dance routine

Treasure Hunt

Do You Do Pass The Parcel?

We don't, however if you want us to include it, we are happy to do it! If you can organise the parcel our entertainers will add this part of their activity.

What Do Your Costumes Look Like?

They are high quality and portrayed close to the movies and theme parks, look at our Instagram for more images. We also know a lot about the characters and use accents etc.

What Do You Get?
  • Immersive character experience with professional performance artist
  • Epic entrance/exit with themed music
  • Bubbles as a magical entrance
  • Custom made costumes you won't see anywhere else! Characters are "in character" the whole time with accents and quick wit. Superhero training, power poses and special powers, Music based dance and action games such as: "musical statues", "red light green light" and "floor is lava."
  • Encouraging working as a team and to your personal best
  • Questions and answers, you cannot stump our characters on knowledge about
  • Highly engaging and lots of interaction
  • Sing happy birthday Fun dance moves and bubble catching
  • Photo shoot with the characters
  • Can include special personalised message, congratulations or encouragement from the characters from you.Words of wisdom, encouraging kids to go to eat all their vegetables, go to bed early and sleep in their own bed all night.
  • Can include child's special favourite song request or if your family have any favourite songs. This could be cultural songs i.e Lebanese, Bollywood songs etc.
Can We Book You For Longer Time At A Kids Party?

Of course you, especially if you have a really large party. Purely for that extra roving around and photo time. Our entertainment style is highly energetic, lots of body movements, due to kids attention span we would recommend 1 hour is the longest.

What Characters Do You Have?

We have lots of characters.

-Superheros- Avengers, DC

-Princesses- Belle, Elsa etc.

-Mascots- LOL Doll, Winnie, Toy story etc.

-Villains- Evil Queen, Red queen, Jaffar etc

-Transformers, Optimus and Bumblebee we have one for houses and one for events (extremely big)

-Giant inflatable characters -Bounce Beasts- great for a crowd pleaser.

What Are Mascots?

They are costumed characters that are very challenging to see through. Characters are usually live cartoon characters.

It can be really hot in the costume, might have breathing difficulties and visibility is poor.

What Is Standard And Premium Characters?

Standard Characters are characters that their faces are visible; superheroes, princesses , fairies, dancers, santa etc.

Premium Characters are character that their face are covered and have a difficulty in spatial awareness. This could be Transformers, Mascot costumes etc. They will need a helper to guide them and also host for them at a party.

Do You Have Any Santa,Easter Bunny That Can Visit Our House?

Yes we do! and they are amazing! great quality costumes. We can visit your home and uplift your family.

What Is Different From Your Style Of Entertainment To Other Kids Parties?

You have to experience it, its an immersive entertainment experience. We come to your house full of energy and in character the whole time. Its mix of theatrical performance and highly engaging with the guests. Please read our 5-star review to get a sense on what we are all about. We keep kids engaged, games, dancing and entire time in character, its so much fun!

Can I Read Your Terms?

Of course you can!

What Happens On The Day Of My Event?

We bring everything we need for the all the activities.We bring our own Bluetooth speakers/Microphones so there is no need for access to power. Your Children entertainer will arrive 5 minutes early of the start of the event, they will call you or message your phone, so please have that handy! They will be coming in with music as an entrance, trust us you will hear them.

Will My Entertainers Turn Up On The Exact Time?

Well that is our aim, because they are booked in another venues for the day. The will need to be on time. Although sometimes traffic and roadworks do happen as we often travel from one side of Melbourne to the other in the same day, this may delay your entertainer and they may need a small 15 mins arrival window. They will always let you know with a phone-call or text message so it's helpful to keep your phone handy in case so you are not worried. We will always perform for the full time we are booked from our arrival, so no one will miss out!

Why Am I Paying For Travel?

Our entertainers travel through out Victoria and it is costly to travel around. If you are having a mascot and host there will be two entertainers who arrive from various directions. Both must travel, or it cannot be scheduled. The majority of our performers reside throughout Victoria and work as subcontractors.The majority of our performers reside throughout Victoria and work as subcontractors.

What Is The Price For Your Packages?

If you want to see the estimation of cost, use our booking form, you don't have to click send. Fill it in and check if this is in your pricing range. Also remember there is cost for travel if you are outside 30 KM. Our characters are premium and high quality. If you are wanting that WOW factor for your event.

If it is raining on the day of my party can i change the location?

Yes please email us few days before or call us in the early morning of the event.

It wont be an issue if its close by to the original location.

Can i change booking times and characters after deposit is paid?
Our performers are booked in for the time slot, if any changes needed we might not be able to guarantee that time. Performers are routed through Victoria to perform and they don't just work for us. Refrain from changing characters and times after deposit. Admin charge will incur $50 extra.
I need to cancel my event and its in 2 weeks before the event date?
If you need to cancel your event entirely, we charge a $100 cancellation fee if you have confirmed booking. This is to cover any performer cancellation fees and administration costs.
Can i leave my kids with the entertainers to babysit?

We can definitely entertain the kids and keep them engaged. We do ask for you to be aware or present when we are performing. We want this to be a magical experience and sometimes kids get so curious with costumed characters and they try to remove the head of costumes etc. So its something the host will flag with you. In our contract we have a duty of care with our entertainers if they do feel threatened, they have the right to leave the event. Its not an easy gig being a mascot worker for their are trying to co-ordinate spatial awareness and try to gauge how engaged everyone is as well with their engagement style.

What is the booking process?


Fill out the booking with time, date and characters and event details.


We source performance artist for the requested requirements and check if they are available and schedule their time. If they can't we'll let you know, and If you are flexible with time let us know. All via email.


We send Deposit Emails. This means we have secured entertainers and are holding their time. Don't Leave this too late, entertainers work for multiple agencies


When you pay a deposit. This means it's confirmed with the entertainers. If not paid we have to drop the booking. So let us know asap if you are keen or not. We are holding performers time.


The final payments email will be sent.


One week before the event. You will receive a pre-event reminder email. Confirm all your details, phone number, address any other request i.e parking, etc. Check junk email as well.


There is nothing you needed to do other than have your phone close by in case they call/message you. Generally 5-15 minutes they will be outside ready to entertain. Entertainers stay in character from start to finish arrival with epic-themed music and bubbles creating excitement. We don't want you to panic it's programmed. Allow 15 minutes variation although if they are really late. Call us!


Let us know how it went. Any improvement? Did you enjoy it?

What are the travel costs?
Travel Fee will be calculated as per below per entertainer.

Free within 30 km

30 km + $15 per performer

40 km+ $25 per performer

50 km+ $35 per performer

60 km+ $45 per performer

70 km+ $55 per performer

80 km+ $65 per performer

90 km+ we will do a quote

If you are getting a mascot and a host both performers will need travel, they are coming from different locations.

What are your booking admin hours?
  • We are online Monday to Friday -9 am to 5 pm
  • Saturday to Sunday we are at events, so wont be as active on emails.
How much deposit do i need to confirm the entertainer?
To reserve your character(s) we require a 50% deposit to be paid within 48 hours of sending your invoice. All our performers are sub contractors so we book in their time, this will secure their time. We essentially hold their time for a week.
What is supplement in the booking summary?
All our packages start from a base price. Supplement is the build up cost.
What is a party host?
Party host emcees and host the whole event. Co-ordinates music and ensure everything runs smoothly. So if you want them to say something special let the party host know, they will add that in their scripting. You will also need a party host if a character cannot visible see, to be able to entertain the audiences.
What is a facilitator?
A facilitator is to help crowd control. Especially if there is a lot of people, we need someone to crowd control and coordinate people. Sometimes kids can get a bit rough, so they help in softly guarding the entertainers. We have had entertainers in the past that really got abused in costume, so we security purposes its important to have a facilitator.
Do you have public liability and Working with children check?
Yes we have PL. All entertainers must have WWC clearance or they wont be able to work with us. We can provide you with this information, if needed.

Our Raving Fans

Vasfie Besim
Vasfie Besim
Absolutely brilliant.! Simba is so cute the costume was perfect! And the Zoo ranger Jo and Simba (Paul) ROCKED the house for our baby Orlando his 1st birthday jungle theme today!!! OMG!!! It was AMMMMMMAZING from start to finish! Book them!!!! Baby O loves lions so much and he LOOOOOOVED Simba soooo much it was his dream come true! Simba rocked the house! It was filled with music, dancing, bubbles, and very entertaining, and AMAZING! They went above and beyond and met all our desires and created a dream come true. It took me over 25 hours to set up this theme, I did it on my own, and Simba (Paul) and the Zoo keeper Jo were PHENOMENAL!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! It honestly was a sensational memory in my heart made for ever! And in Orlando’s heart! Our guests loved it! Book them!!! You will not regret it! Thank you both sooo much! You guys made our day! Go Simba go!!!!! 🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈 Much love, Vas xx
Nakita Partington
Nakita Partington
Spider-Man was amazing 🕷️🕸️ Seen him at another party, and booked him in without a second thought! I’ve had other entertainers at kids parties before but this guy, even I thought he was legit spidey 🤣 Easy to book, even some good comedy for adults! Worth every penny and would definitely book again 💯
Marie Apostolopoulos
Marie Apostolopoulos
Amazing entertainment company who puts a smile in everyone’s face. Highly recommended for any event!
Linda Vella
Linda Vella
Wow wow wow!! What can I say. Absolutely amazing. Very interactive, fun for the kids and even adults. Would definitely recommend them to family and friends. Thank you once again Jo and Ash (JJ)
Annj S
Annj S
We had a wonderful experience with Alice (Holly) at my daughter’s first birthday. From the moment she arrived, she captivated the children (and adults!) with her enchanting costume and delightful character portrayal. The entertainer was incredibly professional, punctual and prepared, she engaged the kids with fun, age-appropriate games and really gave life to the party. Would definitely recommend and book again at our next event.
Patrick Nicolas
Patrick Nicolas
Very professional We had so much fun Thank you for making my daughter 1st birthday a memorable day ❤️
Jasvir Singh Cheema
Jasvir Singh Cheema
We recently celebrated our child's 3rd birthday with a superhero theme, and XLENT Events made it absolutely unforgettable! From the moment we booked, their team was professional, responsive, and incredibly accommodating. On the day of the party, the superhero mascots – Superman, Spiderman, and Captain America – were fantastic. They looked amazing and interacted so well with all the kids, creating magical memories for everyone. The characters stayed in character the entire time, playing games, posing for photos, and ensuring every child felt special. The attention to detail in their costumes and their engaging performances exceeded all our expectations. The kids were mesmerized and parents were equally impressed. It was evident that XLENT Events takes pride in delivering top-notch entertainment. If you're looking for a reliable, fun, and professional entertainment service for your next event, I highly recommend XLENT Events. They made our superhero party a huge success, and we couldn’t be happier with the experience!
Samantha Zaffina
Samantha Zaffina
Elsa (Jo) Performer @ Xlent events came to my daughter’s 4th birthday today. She was absolutely fantastic, she arrived with such an enthusiastic and upbeat demeanour, the kids were totally enthralled by her. She was so engaging, so sweet with the kids and had them totally entertained the entire time. Annoy recommend more highly.
Emily YAU
Emily YAU
Excellent experience with Minnie Mouse giving surprise in our birthday party. The entertainers are professional and energetic to bring laughters to the kids. It's hassle free for book in an activities and leave them to entertain our guests! Highly recommended
Sylvia Vona
Sylvia Vona
Highly recommend Aaron and the team at XLENT Events! From the first online enquiry until the end of their performance on the day of my son’s birthday, they were fantastic to deal with, very friendly, adaptable and quick to respond to all queries. Optimus Prime was amazing and had us all in stitches - both young and old! This was such an amazing addition to a 5th birthday party my son will never forget. Keep up the great work team!!!

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