Welcome to Xlent Events

XLENT EVENTS is a dedicated company for Cosplayers/Actors and performers that have incredible custom made a costume that tributes themselves to comic books, superheroes & movies.

XLENT EVENTS evolved from ‘Melbourne Transformers’It all began, when Optimus Prime began circulating car shows and parties looking for Decepticons, but what he found was something else and a much more important mission- making kids smile! He recruited his longtime friend and fellow Transformer, Bumblebee, and Melbourne Transformers was created.

They were soon joined by a charismatic moonwalking millionaire who is better known as Iron-Man. Together they patrolled their way into the newspapers, the news before going viral worldwide and taking off late 2014 with over 30,000,000 views on a video of a performance in a driveway.

Today we are an ever-expanding collective of ‘cosplayers’ who double as dancers, actors, puppeteers, and so much more- it just depends on the character that you love. From fundraisers to kids parties, from the middle of Australia to Malaysia and beyond we have been transforming events since 2012.

XLENT EVENTS have chosen the best of the best in the industry, to be part of our character hire service, for they have; persona, performing skills and most has choreographed a routine that will just impress everyone. They create an amazing experience that adults and kids would love, incorporating real movie voiceovers, themed songs and everyone gets involved.

We also have customised limousines, with WORLD EXCLUSIVE Chevy Camaro Transformers and Batman famous 16 Passenger stretch Black BAT HUMMER, that the character arrives in for any event. For any other limousine queries please look at an exotic limo website.

We guarantee XLENT EVENTS will create an awesome experience, dedicated to giving you an event that you will never forget; it will be larger than life!